Explore the nomad culture

Kyrgyz Republic is a country with ancient nomadic culture and traditions. They were formed under the influence of nomadic life. Everything, from housing to clothing, has been adapted to the abrupt change inweather and the ability to quickly change the place of camping.
The yurts, in which the nomads lived, were easily andquickly dismantled and transported to another place. In addition, they could beinsulated or, conversely, made cooler.
In Kyrgyzstan you can immerse in the authentic lifestyle of the nomads, feel their spirit. You can learn to ride a horse through the mountains, set up and dismantle a yurt, cook national dishes andeven do archery, play traditional Kyrgyz musical instruments and listen to recitingof the unique Manas epic, which describes the life and deeds of the great heroof the Kyrgyz people. It is included in the lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Experienced manaschi can recite the epic for hours, and the rhythm and expression of this narration will not leave anyone indifferent.


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