Bicycle tours

Bicycle Tours

If you are fond of cycling, spend your holidays in the Kyrgyz Republic following the routes of the Great Silk Road.

Bicycle Tours

The advantage of cycling tours is that you can travel a fairly long distance without harming thevirgin nature. Such tours are usually organized in Kyrgyzstan from mid-June tomid-September.

Adventure bicycle tours in the mountains of the Kyrgyz Republic include visiting campsites at analtitude of 2,500 meters or more above sea level, accommodation and spendingthe night in tents and yurts among the incredibly beautiful mountains andglaciers.

On the top

It is important toknow that most of the regional roads in the Kyrgyz Republic are unpaved andgravel ones, so the cyclist must be prepared for difficult conditions ofmovement, steep ascents and descents.

Traveling by bicycle will give you a great chance to admire the mountain scenery, breathefresh mountain air in peace and silence.

On the mountain road

Travel companies will provide the cyclist with everything necessary: ​​a bicycle, protective equipment, a hotel room and the services of tourist guides.

Bicycle routes arelaid mainly through small picturesque villages and pastures with yurt camps onthe mountain slopes.

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