Rock climbing is an Olympic sport. Most of the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is mountains, and therefore there are huge opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts in the country. 

Athletes and rock climbers can practice all year round. In winter and in the off-season, train in the gym, and in good weather go to the rocks in nature. 

Rock climbing

The Kyrgyz Republic has many rocky areas that are scattered throughout the country. The most popular place for professional rock climbers in Kyrgyzstan and amateurs is the Chunkurchak gorge, 30 kilometers from Bishkek. There are many routes of varying difficulty for climbers, and competitions in this sport are also held.

There are climbing trails in another popular gorge near Bishkek - Ala-Archa, in the town of Ala-Gush and on the way to the Ratseka Hut. 

Ratseks Hut

Climbing competitions are also held on artificial climbing walls. There are several places in Bishkek where you will be given all the necessary equipment, and experienced instructors will show you a master class.  

Even professional lifeguards hone their skills on one of these climbing walls. 


Recently, rock climbing in Kyrgyzstan has become very popular not only as a sport, but also as a way to take care of your health.

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