Moto tours

There are several companies in Kyrgyzstan that are ready to offer a motorcycle for rent fortraveling around the country, as well as organize a joint motorcycle tour.

In addition to the motorcycle, the travel agency will provide you with a route map indicating theaddresses and contact information of hotels, cafes, restaurants and gasstations. At the same time, it is important to remember that if you pay for a motorcycle only, then you shall be responsible for all other expenses along theroute.  

Motorcycle tour

At the same time,it is recommended to drive no more than 250 kilometers a day.

You can take atent with you and spend the night almost anywhere you want: in the mountains,on the bank of a lake or river, or in a flowery meadow.

In addition, inthe summer season, the tourist has the opportunity to go on a motorcycle tour with a group of five or more people. Travel companies of the Kyrgyz Republicorganize such tours.

Across the river

Tourists are accompanied by a car along the entire route that will help in repairing the motorcycle in case of an emergency.

There are motorcycle tours for one, three and five days.

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