Bishkek is a city where mountains are visible from any point. They encircle the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic from the south and you can get to them in just half an hour. Here are the Ala-Archa and Alamedin gorges with mountain rivers, glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs. Within walking distance are mountain peaks above 4 thousand meters - the peaks of Korona, Electro, Uchitel, Komsomolets. There are also climbing camps, ski resorts, ethno centers where you can relax and join the nomadic culture, and a large number of eco-trails of different difficulty levels for lovers of mountain walks.

4000-thousanders near Bishkek

Bishkek itself, with its boulevards and parks, spacious squares and shady alleys, is a large diverse city. Over a million people live here. There are museums,theaters, architectural monuments in the capital. In search of oriental flavor, you can look at the bazaars, where the abundance of fruits, nuts and sweets is simply amazing.

The Old square

Kyrgyzstanis are creative people. Festivals and holidays are held in Bishkek. On the streets you will surely hear live music, in the center of the city you will see theAlley of Artists with paintings exhibited on it, or you will get to the fair of artisans, which are regularly held in different places of the capital. And also national games, master classes, exhibitions.


Despite its status, Bishkek is a fairly compact city with a clear layout. Even in one day you can see a lot of interesting things here. A walk diversifies the familiarization with delicious national cuisine, the dishes of which can be tasted in a variety of cozy cafes.


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