Traveling by private or rented car in the Kyrgyz Republic is an excellent choice for family people and those who are not used to walking a lot and bothering themselves with excessive physical exertion. If you have an off-road vehicle at your disposal, ready to drive over rough terrain and dirt roads, you can see a lot of interesting things.


Almost every highway in the republic is rich in picturesque mountain views with sheer cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and rivers.

Across the river

The most popular paved routes for traveling around the Kyrgyz Republic by car are the Bishkek-Osh highway from the northern capital to the southern one, the road around Lake Issyk-Kul, the ascent along the Barskoon gorge to the Arabel high mountain plateau, the Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart highway, as well as a car route from the city of Osh to the Alai valley.

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