Rafting and Kayaking

The Kyrgyz Republic is a country of mountains, and therefore there are many opportunities for rafting and kayaking. There are a large number of mountain rivers of different levels of difficulty in the country. Both amateurs and professionals can choose a route for themselves, and almost pristine nature in the places of rafting on the rivers of Tien Shan, Pamir and Alai will not leave anyone indifferent.


Chu River

Rafting and kayaking route on Chu River starts at the 113th kilometer of Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart highway and runs close to the highway. The length of the rafting section is about 19 kilometers. The difficulty level of the river in this place corresponds to Class II-III of the international VI-grade system and is suitable even for beginners. Experienced instructors will accompany you all the way long.

On the Chu River, calm sections alternate with fast ones, as well as with large rapids and swift current. Rafting on it is considered the most interesting program for tourists heading for Issyk-Kul Lake.

On the river

There is another 25-kilometer-long route for rafting and kayaking on the same river, closer to Balykchy city. The difficulty level of the river in this section is Class IV. More advanced tourists raft down here. Water in this place is predominantly white.

Chon-Kemin River

Chon-Kemin River flows mostly through the valley, so rafting on it begins in the valley part. The river here is relatively calm until the section, where Chon-Kemin falls into Chu. The rafting route length is 23 kilometers to the tent camp near Cholok village.

Kekemeren River

Kekemeren River is formed as a result of confluence of the large Suusamyr and East Karakol rivers. Therefore, Kekemeren is also a big river with incredible energy.

Rafting route on Kekemeren first runs along Dzhumgal Valley, and then through a picturesque canyon between Sary-Kamysh and Kara-Teke ridges.

Rafting on the Kekemeren river

Duration of the rafting on Kekemeren is 2-3 days with stops for the night and lunch in tent camps along the river bank. The difficulty level of the river corresponds to the Class II-III. Quiet sections on Kekemeren alternate with short turbulent rapids.

Kayaking on Issyk-Kul Lake

You can go kayaking on Issyk-Kul Lake both in winter and in summer, because the pearl of Kyrgyzstan does not freeze even in winter. One of the easiest routes is kayaking in the bay. The starting point is located 15 kilometers from the city of Karakol at the Przhevalsky pier.

Double and single kayaks will be at your disposal. For comfortable kayaking, tourists are provided with spray skirts that cover the inside of the kayak and protect against splashes, as well as with life jackets.

Kayaking tour

In addition, there are other kayaking opportunities in the Tyup bay (50 kilometers from the city of Karakol) and on the southern shore of the lake.

A kayaking tour in Issyk-Kul region can last either an hour or several days with an overnight stay in tents on the lake.

Boat tours are also held on other lakes in Kyrgyz Republic.

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