The Great Silk Road

The Great Silk Road has been known for over two thousand years. Already in the second century BC, it stretched across Eurasia for seven thousand kilometers, linking peoples and entire civilizations. Several routes ran through the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic at once - Pamir-Alai, Fergana and Chui. Medieval Kyrgyzstan became one of the cultural centers of the region thanks to the Great Silk Road. Memories remained in the form of monuments of that time.


Traveling along the Great Silk road, you will follow the tracks of ancient caravans, where rich merchants with silk, skins and spices passed. And you will see the places described in many historical chronicles. Among them are the Burana tower, the Tash-Rabat caravanserai, the Manas kumbez in the north, the sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too, the Shah-Fazil mausoleum and the Uzgen minaret in the south of the country.

Uzgen minaret


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