Winter holidays

In November the ski season opens, which lasts 3-4 months and opens up endless opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and skating. There are several dozen ski bases in the Kyrgyz Republic, most ofthem in the Chui region, but the most popular ski base is located in Issyk-Kul,a half-hour drive from the city of Karakol and has the same name. It is locatedat an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level.

There are trails of varying difficulty, and for lovers of extreme sports - untouched mountain slopes. The snow cover in the local mountains is ideal for skiing and reaches 2.5 meters in depth, and the magnificent landscapes of the winter mountains and the ice-free Issyk-Kul Lake, opening from the tops of the Tien Shan, will not leave anyone indifferent.  

Karakol ski resort

Many ski resorts are located near the capital - just 30-40 minutes away by car. They offer guests winter entertainment for every taste.

Orlovka resort

In winter in the Kyrgyz Republic, you can have a great time and improve your health at hot mineral springs, which keep the natural water temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius even in winter.


In the flood plain of the Chu River, nearthe village of Kochkor, there is the Ara-Kol reservoir, the length of which isabout 18 kilometers. Freezing in winter, the ice here forms bizarre patterns. Thousands of tourists come here for clean air and incredible photos. The thickness of the ice on the lake is 50-60 centimeters, which makes walking onthe ice safe. Extreme sports enthusiasts ride on the ice clinging to a horse orcar with a rope. Ice on Ara-Kola is compared with the ice of Lake Baikal. It shimmers from emerald to deep blue.  



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