Animals listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species

At least 209 species of rare animals and plants are listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species in Kyrgyzstan.

Manul is the most amazing cat of the steppes of Central Asia. This animal has chic fluffy andthick fur. Because of it, the animal is on the verge of destruction and islisted in the Red Book. In appearance and size, the manul is similar to adomestic cat, but differs from it in a beautiful massive body.

The animal lives in the mountains, steppes and semi-deserts, and makes itslairs in rock crevices or in holes of other animals.

There are only a few dozens of manuls left on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Many of the wild cats live on the territory of Naryn and Sarychat-Ertash nature reserves.


Snow leopard

The snow leopard is a large predator that lives in the mountains of Central Asia and southern Siberia, one of the main symbols of the Kyrgyz Republic. The leopard is the only big cat that constantly lives in the highlands. The predator lives at an altitude from 2,000 to 6,000 meters.

Of all the large members of the cat family, snow leopards are the mostendangered. There are about 300 snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan now.

Snow leopard

Maral (red deer)

Maral, a mountainous Central Asian subspecies of the Holarctic red deer, is in danger of extinction. 

In the 19th century, the marals lived in almost all spruce forests of Kyrgyzstan, however, due to the economic development by humans in the last century, the number of the deer began to decline.

Since ancient times, the maral was considered a sacred animal by the Kyrgyz.

Tien Shan white-clawed bear

The Tien Shan white-clawed bear is considered the smallest-numbered subspecies of the brown bear. The Tien Shan white-clawed bear is smaller than the Kamchatka, Ussuri or Central Russian brown bears. It is a great piece ofluck to meet a white-clawed bear. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century the number of the animals was quite large, the subspecies hasbecome rare to date. The Tien Shan bear lives not only in the Tien Shan, but also in the Pamirs and the Himalayas. The fur of bears of this subspecies isusually light brown, but the color of these animals is quite variable: thereare specimens with both yellow and almost black fur.


Argali (mountain sheep)

Argali is anartiodactyl mammal that lives in districts of Central Asia. The animal is included in the International Red List of Threatened Species and is considered as a species close to vulnerable.

Argali isthe largest representative of wild sheep. Its weight reaches 180 kilograms.

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