Many climbers from near and far abroad visit the Kyrgyz Republic every year; a large number of mountaineering camps operate in the country, from where everyone can start climbing the mountain he or she likes.


Mountains cover about 90 percent of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, which belong to two mountain systems: the Tien Shan in the north and the Pamir in the south of the republic - the highest mountains in Central Asia. There are a large number of various peaks that will be of interest to both experienced climbers and beginners.


The most popular among climbers are three seven-thousanders.

Pobeda Peak is the highest point in Kyrgyzstan and the highest peak among the Tien Shan mountains, the northernmost seven-thousander in the world. Its height is 7,439 meters. Pobeda Peak is considered one of the most difficult peaks to climb in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, some summits adjacent to the peak still remain unconquered.

Pobeda peak

The base camp of Pobeda Peak is located on the South Inylchek glacier (4,000 meters); climbing it you can enjoy the panorama of Pobeda Peak and Khan-Tengri Peak, located nearby.

Pobeda Peak is known for its character, high difficulty of climbing. The routes leading to the peak are classified as one of the most difficult in the world of mountaineering. The harsh climate, strong and sudden gusts of wind, low temperatures, high altitude, steep slopes and snowstorms are just a few of the difficulties that the conqueror of Pobeda Peak will have to face.

Khan-Tengri Peak is indescribably beautiful. When early in the morning the top of Khan-Tengriglows gold over the surrounding mountain range, it unwillingly draws the eye and it is difficult to tear oneself away from this view.

Khan-Tengri Peak

The peak with aheight of 7,000 meters is located on the border of three countries: the Kyrgyz Republic, China and Kazakhstan. Translated from the Turkic "Khan-Tengri" means "Lord of the sky." This peak has been known since ancient times; ancient Chinese travelers wrote about it.

There are nine possibleroutes to the summit in total. Climbing the peak can be dangerous, but the flowof tourists to the summit does not decrease.

Inylchek glacier with disappearing Merzbacher Lake is located at the foot of Khan Tengri. Thereare no less famous peaks next to Khan Tengri: Pobeda Peak (7,439 meters),Przhevalsky Peak (6,450 meters), Shater Peak (6,700 meters) and many others.

Lenin peak

For climbers, this peak is one of the few in the world, which everyone dreams of conquering.

The most accessible of the seven-thousanders of the Kyrgyz Republic for climbing is Lenin Peak with a height of 7,134 meters. This is one of the most famous andfrequently visited seven-thousanders of the Pamirs. Despite the fact that theclassical route is technically simple, climbing Lenin Peak belongs to the classof high-altitude mountaineering and requires good health and appropriateequipment from climbers.

Beginning of the way to the base camp for climbing the peak is Osh city. A helicopter is notrequired to get to the starting point, a car is enough.

The climber is awarded "Snow Leopard" title for conquest of all five peaks. Theother two peaks are located in neighboring Tajikistan.

In front of the mountains

There are more accessible peaks in the Kyrgyz Republic that are interesting for beginners. You can climb them with minimal preparation. If the in accessible peaks beckon you, but you still don’t feel the strength to conquer them, you can look at the famous mountains in just one day by taking a helicopter tour to the base campat the foot of Khan Tengri Peak.

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