Nomad games

The national games of nomads can be told about for hours. They are interesting, spectacular, original. They are still played in almost every village to this day. Large and small tournaments and competitions are held, the winners of which enjoy popularityand well-deserved respect. The most spectacular national sports are "kokboru" (goat dragging game) and "alaman ulak".


Kok-boru is an ancient Asianequestrian game. It is called "ulak tartysh" (goat dragging).

Kok boru is a combination of racing and game. Riders are fighting for the carcass of a goat - it is necessary not only to take possession of it, but also to hold it, and then throw into the "taikazan" (gate) of the opponent team. This game is now wide spread in many countries of the post-Soviet space, as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Turkey and Mongolia. This ancient game of nomads is played today, without exaggeration, in every Kyrgyz village.

Alaman ulak

Alaman ulak is an ancient national game of the Kyrgyz that does not have uniform rules. A thousand riders can participate in the game, each playing for himself. The task, as in kok-boru, is to take possession of the carcass of a goat and throw it into the intended place.

Alysh - beltwrestling

Alysh is a national belt wrestling. Both women and men can take part inthe fight. In addition to the special uniform, the athletes wear red belts.


In this type ofwrestling sportsmen compete in standing position only. They can only hold on tothe opponent’s belt and continuously monitor the movements of the opponent’sarms and legs. The task of each wrestler is to stack opponent on his or hershoulders while holding on to the belt.

Hunting with golden eagle

Salbuurun - hunting games ofthe Kyrgyz people with birds of prey and dogs.

Hunting with a golden eagleand a falcon is traditional for nomads. The hunter stands on a hill andreleases the taigan (hound dog), which drives the game out of the shelter.After that, the golden eagle or falcon comes into play.

Hunting with golden eagle

The objects of such joint hunting are hares, foxes, wolves,jackals and even roe deer. In this type of competition, participants test theirgolden eagles in two exercises: in the first, the golden eagle must fly asquickly as possible to the call of the owner from a certain point and sit onhis hand. In the second, the rider ties the dummy carcass of the victim to thehorse and starts galloping. The golden eagle must reach the dummy and grab it.


Ordo (alchiki) is one of the most popular games of the Kyrgyz people thathave come to us from ancient times. Both children and adults play it. "Ordo" is translated as "Khan's palace". Battle for itscapture is imitated with the help of alchiks – these are specially processedknee bones of sheep, which can be painted in different colors or made heavierusing poured lead.


With the help of this game, the ancient nomads studied battle tactics, learned to defeat the enemy.

A circle drawn on the ground symbolizes the territory of the state fromwhich you need to knock an opponent out.

Archery on horseback

Men and women compete in shooting from a traditional (non-sporting) bow foraccuracy and range in the individual competition.

Traditional archery competitions on horseback are held on a special track 120 meters long and 10 meters wide. Targets are set along it on both sides. The archer has to hit targets with a bow while riding at full gallop.

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