The best way to relax and relieve fatigue after a hike in the mountains, outdoor activities or after a long trip is to relax in the hot springs. There are many of them on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic: natural high-mountain springs, springs containing radon and sulfur, and mountain lakes with a high content of minerals in the water. Even the famous Issyk-Kul can be called a mineral spring. This lake is salty and surrounded by many underground hot springs, which is why it does not freeze in winter.

Thermal spring

Water is the main wealth of Kyrgyz Republic. River water is known for its strength, lake water for beauty, drinking water for taste, and mineral water for healing. Thermal mineral springs operate in Kyrgyzstan all year round. 


Thermal waters affect the human body due to their temperature and strong saturation with salts. According to doctors, the mineral springs of Kyrgyzstan help to treat many diseases. Due to the chemical composition of the water in the springs, human metabolism and metabolism are accelerated. Sodium chloride baths normalize the functioning of the human autonomic nervous system, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and increase immunity. They help fight diseases of the heart, bones, joints, spine, reproductive system, digestive system, treat nervous disorders, as well as inflammation and skin rashes, and help in the fight against excess weight. At the same time, there are practically no contraindications for taking mineral baths. 


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