Osh city

The city of Osh is the second largest city in the Kyrgyz Republic. Located at an altitude of 700-1000 meters above sea level, it is also called the southern capital. Numerous legends connect the origin of the city with the names of Alexander the Great and the biblical king Solomon (Suleiman).


About 250 thousand people live here. The history of the city of Osh has three millennia, it is known for its ancient mosques, as well as the Sulaiman-Too mountain, which is located in the city center and is a place of pilgrimage for tourists. In the middle of the last century, the remains of an ancient settlement of farmers of the Bronze Age were discovered here. In the 10th century AD, Osh was the third largest city in Fergana. Osh stood on the Great Silk Road, being the crossing point of caravan routes from India and China to Europe.

The city is still famous for its oriental bazaars. For more than two millennia, the bazaars of this city have been living a noisy and vibrant life.

Osh city

Modern Osh is bright, colorful, diverse and very hospitable. The food here is very tasty - people from all over Kyrgyzstan come to try Osh samsa or signature plov. And the variety of fruits, nuts, sweets is simply amazing.

There are many parks and historical and cultural monuments in the city of Osh. These are ancient mosques, churches, a memorial complex dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, monuments to V.I. Lenin, Kyrgyz and medieval historical and cultural figures, ancient petroglyphs and even a medieval bath. 

Osh bazaar

In addition, the city of Osh is a great place to start hiking in the mountains. Among professional climbers and trekkers, it is known as the starting point on the way to the base camp under Lenin Peak (one of the three seven-thousanders in the Kyrgyz Republic. 


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