The Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts

The State Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic was namedafter an outstanding Kyrgyz artist. The museum was founded in 1935 as anational gallery. Its current building was built in 1974.

Today the museum is the main art treasury of Kyrgyzstan. Its collection consists of about 18,000 pieces of art. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative and applied arts works are exhibited there.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The main section of the museum is considered to be acollection of Kyrgyz arts and crafts: embroidery, felt products, wood carving,patterned weaving, leather embossing items, Kyrgyz jewelry. The golden fund of the museum is the works of the classics of the Kyrgyz fine arts: Chuikov, Aitiev, Akylbekov, Herzen and many other artists of different generations, artistic styles and directions.

The museum also presents Russian paintings of the18th-20th centuries, which can be used to study the history of the fine arts of Russia.

National History Museum

The National History Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic takes a leading position among thecountry's museums. Its collections are a real treasury, reflecting the history,culture, life and traditions of the Kyrgyz people from ancient times to thepresent day.

National History Museum

The museum fundsinclude about 90,000 exhibits. These are archaeological and ethnographic exhibits,including rock carvings, bronze and ceramic products, art items made ofprecious metal, national musical instruments and national clothes, horse equipment and felt products.

Mikhail Frunze State Memorial House-Museum

Bishkek city wascalled Frunze in Soviet times. It is the place where the famous commander andmilitary strategist Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze spent his childhood and youth.

The commander's house has been preserved almost in its original form, both externally andinternally. History buffs will be interested in photographs and drawings ofMikhail Vasilyevich, his personal belongings, books and household items.

In 1967, a modernmuseum building was built around the Frunze’s house. Since then, it was thehouse itself that became the central museum exposition inside the four-storybuilding.

Museum in Karakol

In total, the museumhouses more than 10,000 exhibits. Basically, these are clothes, furniture,personal belongings, state awards and personal weapons of the commander, handedover by the members of the Frunze family to the museum fund.

Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum is a large educational and scientific complex. Guides in the museum arescientists engaged in the natural sciences: biology, geography and ecology.

Oak Park Gallery

The museum presents all the main types and classes of the fauna of Central Asia. Here youcan get acquainted with the fauna of the Tien Shan. There is also a richcollection of birds and butterflies.

Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists named after Semen Chuikov

A small museum building is located in the very center of Bishkek in Oak Park, on the site of an old church. Exhibitions of contemporary Kyrgyz artists and craftsmen are held there. Favorite paintings and works can also bepurchased there.

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