Arpa Valley: Tourism Development Support Fund opened a new previously unexplored route

The fund team went to the south of the Naryn region, where the long Arpa valley is located. From all sides it is surrounded by mountains and ridges. The valley is located at an altitude of more than 2900 meters above sea level. Despite the harsh climate of this region, the meadows of the valley are used as pastures for livestock.

Arpa gorge

The Foundation staff, together with the Uzgen district administration, as well as employees of the local forestry and volunteers, conducted a reconnaissance of the area in order to map the entire route. As a result, information stands with all the necessary information for the traveler appeared in the Kara-Shoro and Arpa gorges.

Starting the route, the tourist does not always imagine what awaits him ahead. It happens that novice trekking enthusiasts turn back before reaching literally a few hundred meters to a lake or waterfall hidden in the mountains. Now, on many routes, the foundation is installing information stands and signs, and viewing platforms are being created where you can relax and enjoy the view. The fund also plans to reach an agreement with all owners of eco-trails so that there are trash cans at the start of the routes, and steep ascents and descents are strengthened and become safe.

"The length of the ecological trail Arpa - Kara-Shoro is 101 kilometers, this route unites two regions: Naryn and Osh. Recently, it has been gaining popularity among many tourists, both local and foreign,” said the project manager from the Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The manager emphasized that the Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic, together with the Uzgen district administration, as well as volunteers, provided Arpa with information navigation and marking signs to inform tourists. This trail has great prospects for the development of domestic and foreign tourism in the region.

The new route Arpa - Kara-Shoro can be walked or ridden on horseback. The ecotrail passes through picturesque and untouched by civilization places.


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