The Kyrgyz Republic has an official page on Instagram

Visit Kyrgyz Republic - this is the name of the official page of the Kyrgyz Republic on Instagram. The Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic launched it on September 1, 2022. It is followed by tens of thousands of people around the world. 
Delightful nature, rich historical heritage, customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people - all this is reflected in the publications. From them, residents of other countries and the Kyrgyz themselves can learn a lot about our beautiful country. The views of the Kyrgyz Republic are so mesmerizing that one can only be surprised and strive to see this beauty with one's own eyes. 
The page also publishes life hacks for tourists and, most importantly, information about new, interesting places in the Kyrgyz Republic, where you have almost certainly not been.
We invite everyone to share our admiration for the Kyrgyz Republic. And we will be glad to send interesting photo and video materials for placement on the Visit Kyrgyz Republic page. 
Let's promote the Kyrgyz Republic together - a country with unique nature and hospitable people!


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