Ruins of Cholok-Korgon

It is an ancient rectangular fortress. There are four towers in the formof a truncated cone at its corners. At the same time, the ruins of two more towers are visible on the eastern and western sides of the fortress.

The Cholok-Korgon fortress is located in a meander of the river, two anda half kilometers northeast of Konorchok village, Ak-Tala district.

Ruins of Cholok-Korgon

Strategically, the fortress stands in a convenient place: its southern wall looks out on the banks of Alabuka River, the whole valley is clearly visible from the rest. The southern part of the fortress had a secret exit formed by the river. Using it, it was possible to quickly climb the mountain slope, which once served as anobservation post.

According toscientists, the Cholok-Korgon fortress is a typical example of construction ofthe 19th century of the era of the Kokand Khanate.


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