Itagar gorge

Itagar gorge is hidden behind the rocky mountains of Chychkan gorge. It is believed that this place is especially beautiful in autumn, when the trees begin to turn yellow and, together with the blue sky, are mirrored in the local alpine Saz-Kul lake.

Itagar gorge

"Saz-Kul" is translated from the Kyrgyz as "a swampy lake". Despite this, only some parts of the lake are swampy and in general the water in it is clean and clear. Saz-Kol is ideal for swimming and fishing. The lake is surrounded by trees, many of which are old and dry and can be used as firewood.

The lake in the Itagar gorge

Wild raspberries and blackberries can be picked here from July to September. Calls and whistles of local mountain birds will delight even the most sophisticated tourist.

The road along the gorge to the lake is of medium difficulty. Along the way, you will need to cross the river several times.


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