Kara-Suu lake

The lake area

Kara-Suu lake is located near the Toktogul Reservoir, in the area of Taktalyk ridge, at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level. The lake was formed in ancient times as a result of collapse of a part of the mountain range. A magnificent view to one of the peaks of the Fergana Range – Alyampasy opens up from the shore of Kara-Suu.

Kara-Suu lake

Kara-Suu lake fascinates tourists with blue color of its water. The enchanting azure hue of water in the lake changes depending on the time of the day, and therefore you can look at it for an infinitely long time. The depth of the lake is 90 meters; the area is 15 square kilometers. The river of the same name flows out of Kara-Suu - the left tributary of Naryn River, which belongs to the Syrdarya basin.

The winter scene


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