Mangyly-Ata is a saint, patron of family happiness, mental balance and well-being in family life. The valley of the springs has a long history, confirmed by many archaeological finds.  

The sacred place

This and the fortifications that were built in the Middle Ages. And secret petroglyphs belonging to Peru primitive people from the Stone Age. And inscriptions that speak of faith in Buddha. And stone pillars, which were put in the era of the Turkic Haganat.

The spring

The Mangyly-Ata valley was named for this place much later - around the 17th and 18th centuries. On Issyk-Kul they did not know Islam. Here they believed in pagan gods and zealously resisted the new religion. Until arighteous Sufi spreads Islam among the local population; a seer who has managed to shake the pagan world view of the local population. He was called Mangyly-Ata.


This dervish possessed unique abilities and could heal people from ailments. And protected this ancient place, known to his great-grandfathers. According to legend, he is buried in the valley, and his grave is a place ofworship - mazar.  Residents of the surrounding villages claim that all dreams come true in Mangyly.


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