It is an ancient archaeological site in Naryn region, located on the southeastern coast of Son-Kul Lake. Tash-Tulga complex consists of stone ritualhearths built in nine circles.

All of them are lined up from south to north. The size of the sacrificialstones reaches one and a half meters in diameter. A large stone pillar standsat the head of the line, and there are many burial mounds around the hearths.


The stone altars of Tash-Tulga look very mysteriously and interesting,because there are no stones nearby at all.

The age of these stone structuresdates back to the 1st century BC.

Stones of the Tash-Tulga

Local residents claim that there is aspecial energy at the location of Tash-Tulga hearths. It can be felt standingnear the stones.

Tash-Tulga hearths


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