Kumbez of Tailak

Tailak Batyr is a Kyrgyz folk hero who lived 300 years ago during thetime of the Kokand Khanate and defended the lands from the Chinese invasion. His mausoleum is located in Ak-Tala valley of Naryn region. The architectural complex is decorated with spherical domes and ornaments.

Kumbez of Tailak

The tomb is divided into two parts: one part belongs to Tailak Batyr, the second belongs tohis faithful ally and brother Atanai.

Four columns risefrom the base of the building, behind which there are five niches. The mausoleum was built of burnt bricks. There are seven more small kumbezes ofother warriors near it.

The burial place of Tailak Batyr and Atanai biy is considered a holy place and is highly revered by the Kyrgyz people.


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