Kulan-Koruk ancient settlement site

The ancient city, and now the ruins of Kulan-Koruk, is the most mysterious and ancient city of Central Asia. Kulan-Koruk is the remains of the fortress of the ancient Romans, located on an open endless plateau at the foot of Talas Ala-Too ridge.



The first mention of the ancient city is found in the Chinese historical records. One of the hypotheses says that the Kulan-Koruk ruins are the ancientcity-fortress Chzhichzhichen, which was the military garrison of the leader of the Huns. According to Chinese sources, in ancient times the city was decorated with Roman architectural elements resembling a fort. The fortress itself was built according to the Roman masonry technology. The first military contact betweenthe Romans and the Chinese took place exactly in Talas region.

North wall of Kulan-Koruk


Only ruins remained of the ancient fortress, but its original height was 6 meters. Evennow it retained its original appearance in some places. You can see architectural objects, as well as rock monuments with runic inscriptions on the territory of the ancient settlement.


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