It is the most mysterious region of Kyrgyzstan, with ancient history and amazing character. The city of Osh is more than 3,000 years old. It stands on the Great Silk Road, here you can feel the breath of past centuries.

Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burkhia

Sulaiman-Too mountain rises above the city. It is a sacred mountain, which is included inthe list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are numerous ancient places ofworship and caves with rock carvings, as well as mosques of the 16th century on its five peaks and slopes.

Uzgen minaret

Modern Osh city isbright, colorful, diverse and very hospitable. The food here is very tasty -people from all over Kyrgyzstan come to try Osh samsas or signature plov. Suchdelicious and diverse fruits cannot be found anywhere else.

Seller at the Jaima bazaar

There are many interesting things for tourists in Osh region: ancient cities and fortresses, gorges and waterfalls, stunningly beautiful alpine lakes. Lenin Peak - one of the most famous and frequently visited seven-thousanders of the Pamirs islocated in Osh region.


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