Ancient andmysterious fortresses are located in Talas region, as well as Kulan Koruk ruin, mentioned in Chinese chronicles, and the ruins of Ak-Debe citadel, built in the 7th century.


Talas is the birth place of the great hero Manas, who lived more than a thousand years ago. Anepic was composed about him, which manaschi-storytellers can recite for days onend without stopping. You can listen to it, including in Manas Ordo center. There is a kumbez of Manas with numerous balbals (stone statues), petroglyphs (rockcarvings) and stone tools of different eras standing next to it.

Besh-Tash lake

There are also monuments to the hero of Manas and his famous forty horsemen.

The heroes of Manas

The famous natural park Besh-Tash is located in Talas region. More than 800 species of plants growin it, including coniferous forests with Tien Shan firs and amazingly beautiful relic Semenov’s firs growing only in Kyrgyzstan. Endangered species of animalslive here: leopard, Turkestan lynx, golden eagle, kumai, saker falcon, beardedvulture. The natural park has eight lakes of different sizes. All of them lieat different heights, the largest of them is Besh-Tash with amazing turquoise water.


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