Unique Jalal-Abad, you can list colorful, impressive places of which you can spend allday. Reserves, the likes of which are not found anywhere else in the world. The famous ancient walnut forests of Arslanbob, where, according to legend, Alexander the Great first ate walnuts, now known to the whole world as walnuts.There are trees here that grew back in the time of the great commander.


Saimaluu-Tash tract with the largest collection of petroglyphs. Here, at an altitude of morethan 3000 above sea level, there are more than 90 thousand of them, the mostancient date back to the first millennium BC. Chychkan Gorge with uniqueanimals and plants. Reserve Padysh-Ata, where juniper forests grow and snowleopards are found.

Kara-Suu lake

There is a stunning lake in the region - the stunning Sary-Chelek lake, one of the most beautiful in Central Asia. Lakes Kara-Suu and Kapka-Tash, also located onthe territory of the reserve.


In Jalal-Abad there is a mausoleum, the like of which is not found in all of Central Asia - Shah-Fazil. Next to it are other religious buildings, which manypilgrims come to worship.  

Toktogul reservoir

The Toktogul reservoir, the largest in the region, is also located here. It isformed by a dam on the Naryn River, built for a huge hydroelectric powerstation. And the remains of the road that goes under water to the flooded cityare still preserved.


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