Naryn is the region of ancient cities and burial mounds. Great battles of the past took place here,and fragments of these battles can be seen even now. There are fortresses Koshoi Korgon, Shyrdakbek, on the territory of which the remains of the burialplaces of the Huns have been preserved. There are Tash-Tulga stone altars onthe shores of Son-Kul Lake, ritual hearths arranged in nine circles. Their agedates back to the first century BC.

Kekemeren river

Son-Kul Lake itself is located at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters; there are wonderful views and untouched nature. Naryn region is rich in lakes. There is also aprotected "heavenly" lake Chatyr-Kul and a small picturesque Kol-Ukok Lake. Several reservoirs are located in the region. One of them - Ara-Kol - is the popular place for winter tourism. The reservoir completely freezes andbeautiful bizarre patterns appear on its surface - the ice shimmers fromemerald to dark blue. Thousands of tourists come here for clean air andincredible photos.

Ruins of ShyrdakBek Fortress

The Great Silk Road ran through Naryn region. Tash-Rabat caravanserai, where merchants stoppedto rest after a long journey, is well preserved. It is located near the borderwith China at an altitude of 3,100 meters.


There are saltmines, healing springs and, of course, nature reserves, gorges and majestic passes in the region.


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