Chui region is rich in beautiful scenery and historical sites. National parks, picturesque gorges, mountain lakes and waterfalls. And all this is practically within walking distance. This region is just a godsend for trekking lovers.Moreover, the routes here are of any complexity, designed for both beginners and already prepared tourists. And also for those who like to travel on bicycles, motorcycles and cars. You can climb to the waterfall, you can get to the lake hidden among the mountains, you can admire the majestic canyons.

Konorchek canyon

Horseback riding in the most picturesque places is another interesting opportunity for people, who like new experiences.

There are several peaks in the Chui region, which are interesting and easy to conquer- peaks over four thousand meters high, Korona, Electro, Uchitel, Komsomolets.

Chui region peaks

Here is the famous tower Burana, standing on the Great Silk Road. It was part of the great city of Balasagun, a millennium ago the former capital of the Karakhanid Empire. And the medieval settlement of Suusamyr, stone statues and ancient burial mounds.

Rafting on the Chon-Kemin river

The best jailoos are located in the region, where you can come for a health tour. Red Book animals are found here and outlandish butterflies fly.


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