Batken is the most remote and original region of Kyrgyzstan. Unique in nature, it holds many discoveries for travelers and wins their hearts forever.

Only here you can see the unique Aigul flower with its huge fiery petals. The “moonflower”, as its name is translated from the Kyrgyz language, listed in the Red Data List, blooms for two weeks a year.

Aigul flower

The most legendary and mysterious cave of Central Asia, Kan-i-Gut, which was mentioned by Avicenna, is located in the Batken region. This is one of the most important milestones of the ancient Silk Road. The length of the cave is more than6 kilometers, almost half of them were discovered as recently as 2017. According to legend, countless treasures are hidden in it.

Kan fortress

Another unique place in Batken is the rainbow mountains of Sary-Too. On their slopes you can see all the colors that can only exist in nature: terracotta, turquoise, lemon, emerald, sand, black, purple. Once these colored mountains were the bottom of the ancient Sarmatian Sea.


There is Ay-Kyl lake (Moon Lake) in the Batken region, a fortress with rock paintings and many other interesting places.


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