Clock tower

The clock tower stands in the very center of Bishkek - at the intersection of Abdrakhmanov Avenue and Chui Avenue. The main clock of the country appeared there in 1984. Their mechanism was made in Armenia and presented to the then Kirghiz SSR as a symbol of friendship between the peoples. The clock chimed exactly the same as the Kremlin Chimes in Moscow. But a few months after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the tape on which the sound was recorded got worn out, and the clock fell silent. It started chiming again only in 2016, in “the Kyrgyz way”. Every hour from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., you can hear temir komuz (Kyrgyz jew's harp) sounds from the clock tower.

The clock tower

The clock itself is made of bronze, and the 40-meter tower, like the whole building, is lined with marble. You can’t get inside -  a special pass is required to enter this building.


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