Tash-Rabat is an ancient fortress on the Great Silk Road, located in Naryn region. It was built in the 15th century on the site of anancient Buddhist monastery. This is the only building of its kind on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic.


Tash-Rabat has an almost square shape, and from theinside it looks like a long corridor with rooms located in differentdirections. The corridor leads to the central hall, where daylight gets. There are pits for prisoners in one room. One can only sit in one of the pits, in the other - only stand. The roof of Tash-Rabat is crowned with 21 domes. Tash-Rabat is considered a transit point for merchants following theGreat Silk Road through the Tien Shan; it gave merchants not only shelter, but also protection from robbers.

Inside Tash-Rabat


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