Oak park

Oak park is one of the oldest in Bishkek. It bears the name of the great Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov now. Most of the trees in the park are the same age as the city. The very first of them were planted in 1890 by the famous Russian botanist Alexei Fetisov.

The monument to the Queen of Altai Kurmanjan Datka

The park houses an open-air sculpture museum with more than 90 exhibits. The first sculptures appeared here back in 1984, when the All-Union Sculptors Symposium was held in the city. Its participants presented works on the theme "Labor and Peace", they were installed in the park. The number of sculptures increased over time. In 2004, a monument to the Queen of Altai Kurmanjan Datka was erected in the park.

The Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Church

The Russian Drama Theater and the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, built in 1886, which now houses an exhibition hall of the Union of Artists - the Oak Park Gallery, are located on the territory of the park.


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