Chychkan gorge

Chychkan gorge is one of the most beautiful and picturesque gorges in Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyz Republic. Its average height is 2,200 meters. Bishkek - Osh road runs through the gorge, the slopes of which are covered with Tien Shan spruce trees, flowers and berries.

Chychkan gorge

The Chychkan gorge begins from Ala-Bel pass, which is located at the western end of Suusamyr, and stretches for tens of kilometers to the south, to Toktogul reservoir. "Chychkan" means “a mouse” in Kyrgyz. Such a specific name was given to the gorge due to the abundance of field mice that live on its slopes. A fast-flowing river of the same name runs along the floor of the gorge; it starts in the mountains near Ala-Bel Pass and flows into the large Toktogul reservoir.

Go fishing

There are fish farms along the banks of Chychkan river, where you can go fishing. Tourists can try freshly cooked fish and other delicacies here.

A hunting reserve is also situated in Chychkan gorge, where roe deer, wild boars and other animals live.

The stone in the gorge


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