Arslanbob waterfalls

Arslanbob waterfalls are located in Jalal-Abad region, one and a half kilometers from the village of the same name in Babash-Ata mountain area, which cuts through the western and southern slopes of Fergana and Chatkal ridges. Arslanbob means "lion's mouth", because when water falls from a height, there is a sound similar to lion's roar.

The small Arslanbob waterfall

There are two waterfalls in Kyrgyzs Republic called Arslanbob, big and small. Big is named so because of its height - 80 meters. The waterfall is very narrow, so it looks even longer. Near the Big Arslanbob is the Holy Lake and the Ibn-Abbas tomb.

You can get to the waterfall only on foot or on horseback, the journey will take about two hours.

The big Arslanbob waterfall

The height of Small Arslanbob is 30 meters. It is surrounded by trees; you can get to it along the narrow streets leading from the village.

Kyrk Cherten (forty angels) cave is located not far from small Arslanbob. According to legend, a woman who helped people lived there. Residents believe that mystical powers still live in the cave.

The small Arslanbob waterfall


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