Kok-Kiya valley

The picturesque Kok-Kiya valley is located 230 kilometers from the city of Naryn. The main attractions of the valley are Kel-Suu Lake, as well as winding rocky canyons and the mountain Kok-Kiya River, waters of which have an extraordinary color. Flowing into the lake, the river does not flow out, but seeping through one and a half kilometer blockage, it breaks out of the groundin several branches.

Kok-Kiya valley

The rocks surrounding the lake are oflime-shale origin, so there are many different caverns, grottoes, niches andcaves. In the caves you can see the lairs of bears hiding here from the wintercold. The walls of the caves are covered with white frost, which forms thefinest patterns, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow in the light ofheadlamps. The flat peaks of Sary-Beles mountain offer an amazing panorama ofthe surrounding landscapes and Kel-Suu Lake.

This place is so untouched that itseems as if no human has ever set foot here. The main occupation of the localsis yak breeding.


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