Kol-Ukok lake

The small picturesque Kol-Ukok lake is located in the north-eastern part of Terskey Ala-Too mountain range. Its depth reaches 17 meters. But people come here notfor swimming, but to enjoy the silence, peace and beauty.

Kol-Ukok lake

Sevan trout brought from Armenia lives in the lake. Wolves, foxes, hares and mountain goatsare found in the vicinity.

According to historians, in ancient times, the caravans of the Great Silk Road passed here,which went through the Torugart pass to the Chinese Kashgar. On the lake, you can stay overnight in a cozy Kyrgyz yurt.

Orto-Tokoi reservoiris located not far from the mountain lake at an altitude of 170 meters abovesea level.


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