Kekemeren gorge

The Kekemeren Gorge

The huge rocks ofthe gorge are exposed to erosion and therefore form giant vertical screes up to 200 meters high, as well as unusual sand and clay figures.

The Kekemeren Gorge is a small area between Suusamyr and Dzhumgal valleys of Kyrgyzstan, throughwhich the mighty and beautiful Kekemeren River flows that has made its waybetween the mountains.

The Kekemeren river

The Kekemeren gorge is located in the northwestern part of Naryn region, 200 kilometers fromBishkek. The 30-kilometer-long gorge is made up of multicolored rocks of redand yellow shades. The color palette of Kekemeren is complemented by greentrees and shrubs that grow on the southern slopes of the gorge, as well as byan incredible rapid blue river.


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