Shah-Fazil mausoleum belongs to the complex of buildings for public worship dating back to the era of the Karakhanids (11th century). It is believed that there are no similar monuments in other parts of Central Asia.

Shah-Fazil is a square structure that looks like a massive truncated pyramid with original stepped drum and a tall dome resting on it. The interior of the mausoleum from floor to ceiling is covered with a thin ornament of different colors.


Construction of the complex is connected with the legend about the campaign of the Arab army to this area to propagate Islam, led by Shah-Jarir - the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. During the campaign, the Arabs were attacked and killed. The cause of Shah-Jarir was continued by his son - Shah-Fazil. He punished the killers and continued to spread Islam in those lands.

The complex of religious buildings also includes the holy Archa-Mazar mountain with Alamberdar mausoleum (19th century) and the cave of the Saint Hermit, the place of execution of 2,700 warriors of Islam, a mosque of the 18th -19th centuries, a vertically positioned stone and Safed-Bulon mausoleum. The entire complex is a Muslim shrine - a place of worship for many pilgrims.


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