Shamsi gorge

The so-called "Shah's house", which was built in 1968 specially for the Iranian Shah, who came to Kyrgyzstan, is located in the gorge.

The gorge is located in the eastern part of the Kyrgyz Range, south of the city of Tokmok. Shamsi is notable for a large number of forests at a relatively low altitude of this place above the sea level.

Shamsi gorge

For a long time, the Shamsi gorge and the pass of the same name linked Kochkor and Chui valleys.

Famous Burana tower is located near the gorge.

Many tourist routes pass through the Shamsi Gorge; from here you can go on foot to the Kochkor Valley, and then to Son-Kul Lake. Through the gorge you can also get to the Konorchek Canyons and Boom Gorge.


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