Kan-i-Gut cave

The most legendary and mysterious cave of Central Asia Kan-i-Gut is located west of Batken in Shadymir mountain area, on the slope of a spur of the Turkestan range. This is one of the most important milestones of the ancient Great Silk Road. Information about Kan-i-Gut is found in the works of Avicenna.

The Kan-i-Gut area

In the X-XI centuries, the cave was a center for extraction of silver and other minerals. Then the mined-out deposit got empty, and only a gloomy cave remained, which people started calling "Mine of Doom".

The most legendary and mysterious cave of Central Asia

The cave mine consists of numerous grottoes, deep, up to 40 meters, gaps, narrow intertwining tunnels and corridors. They connect more than 30 chambers, the largest of which is almost 70 meters long and 100,000 cubic meters in volume. The length of the cave is more than six kilometers, almost half of them were discovered as recently as in 2017. According to legend, countless treasures are hidden in the cave. Therefore, condemned to death were sent here so that they would either find treasures or die in the countless tunnels of Kan-i-Gut.

"Mine of Doom"


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